The best fishing – winter fishing

What could be better than a wonderful spring winter day fishing on the ice. When everything is perfect, the sun shines, coffee boils over the open fire, the sausage is grilled, the fish hole is drilled and the maggot on the fishing rod. Then life is complete and simple.

Many miles of great snowmobile trails for fishing and adventure

Many of our fishing waters offer very good fishing in winter. Some water are accesable by car, others are reached by snowmobile, as many trails are drawn to the fishing waters. If you need to hire a snowmobile, we have companies that can help you with that. Our accommodation and cottage hosts can recommend good waters and how to get there.

As a visitor in our area please help us take care of our environment

Garbage bags can be bought at Fahlström Bygg, Valsjöbyn, Handlarn, Rötviken and Magnussons Fjällanläggningar, Bakvattnet. There are also dustbins where you can leave your garbage bag.

Recycling containers for paper, newspapers, plastic, metal and glass are placed close to Fahlströms Bygg, Valsjöbyn and next to Handlarn, Rötviken.

The Right of Public Access – This is allowed

The Right of Public Access gives everybody the freedom to roam the Swedish countryside. But there are some things you must keep in mind when you are out walking, camping, climbing, picking flowers or doing something else in the countryside.

Here you can read more about the Right of Public Access