Public Service

Emergency help

SOS Alarm – Dial 112 If you are in an emergency and need immediate help. Police, ambulance, fire  department, naval rescue, mountain rescue, poison information, doctor in charge, flight rescue. Open  Twentyfour Seven.

Healt care information – Dial 1177 24 hours a day for advice on care. Here you will find answers if  there is anything you can do yourself or if you need to come to a nurse or doctor.

Swedish Poisons Information Center – Dial 112 in case of emergency poisoning and ask for Poison  Information both day and night. Dial 010-456 6700 if you have other questions concerning acute  poisonings mon-fri 9.00-17.00. Answer questions about acute poisonings, and give advice about  suitable treatment in cases of poisoning. The service is available on a 24-hour basis, every day of the  year

Bank – The nearest bank branches and ATMs are located in Krokom

Bus – Bus No. 153 Valsjöbyn – Östersund

Healtcare – District nurse, wednesdays at 8-11 in Rötviken, 0645-31012. Other times are referred to Hälsocentralen Föllinge, 0645-10310

Grocery store and gasolin – Handlarn, Rötviken, 0645-770900 and Valsjöbua, Valsjöbyn, 0645-32005

Infopoint – Handlarn, Rötviken, 0645-770900 and Valsjöbua, Valsjöbyn, 0645-32005

Pharmacy – Handlarn, Rötviken, 0645-770900 and Valsjöbua, Valsjöbyn, 0645-32005

Taxi – Magnussons Taxi, Skärvången, 0645 40089, 070-2089103 and Westlunds Taxi, Valsjöbyn, 070-3738 031

Tourist information, Krokom – 0640-16400

As a visitor in our area please help us take care of our environment

Garbage bags can be bought at Fahlström Bygg, Valsjöbyn, Handlarn, Rötviken and Magnussons Fjällanläggningar, Bakvattnet. There are also dustbins where you can leave your garbage bag.

Recycling containers for paper, newspapers, plastic, metal and glass are placed close to Fahlströms Bygg, Valsjöbyn and next to Handlarn, Rötviken.

The Right of Public Access – This is allowed

The Right of Public Access gives everybody the freedom to roam the Swedish countryside. But there are some things you must keep in mind when you are out walking, camping, climbing, picking flowers or doing something else in the countryside.

Here you can read more about the Right of Public Access