Take your time and relax with the powers of nature!

It’s easy to get excited by swirls and splashes

No artificial fun park in the world can give the same excitement, the same amount of beauty, freedom and exploration possibilities. Every waterfall and rapid lives their its life and is as fascinating at every visit.

The Ansättån canyon

You are certain to be pleased if you decide to visit the Ansättån canyon.

Make sure you allow enough time to relax and enjoy the unusual landscape. Start your excursion by the sign for Broforsen. Walk upstream along the smooth polished stones with giant burrows. Go downstream along a narrow path and experience the narrow, steep canyon valley, where beautiful flowers such as twinflowers, blue heath,
one-flowered wintergreen, serrated wintergreen, alpine meadow rue and heartleaf twayblade grow in abundance.

No man-made land in the world can create the same feeling of joyful excitement, the same magnitude of beauty, the freedom and the opportunities for discovery.

Walk along ancient sandstone cliffs

Hasslingsån’s waterfall & nature trail

The Hasslingsåfallet is worth seeing whatever the season. The abundance of water in the spring makes the waterfall powerful, while dry summers cause the cascading water to take on the appearance of thin silver threads. The durability of the steps created by the layers of sandstone varies. In some places the steps have been worn away, but where the sandstone layers were stronger the steps are still there. Do not just see the waterfall from the viewing point – go down towards the water and experience the excitement of walking on sandstone cliffs dating back millions of years. Here you can encounter nature as it was when the Stone Age man lived here, when Samis began to use the Hotagen grounds, when the settlers came. A walk back into pre-history. For all the family.

There is a small rest cabin near the waterfall, where you can shelter from the rain and weather or maybe just write your name in the guest book.

Water has been cascading down for 9,000 years

The Rengsfallet waterfall

The Rengsfallet waterfall is Hotagen’s Niagara Falls – powerful, thundering and fascinating. Water has been cascading down here since the Ice Age – i.e. for around 9,000 years. The fall ledge is amphibolite – an extremely hard stone that guarantees that the waterfall be here for thousands of years. Stone-Age hunters (or more likely anglers) lived near the waterfall. The fishing was good here 3,000 years ago and is still good today. It is touching to think of the pair of dippers that have their nest on the right side of the waterfall. These small, fragile birds appear to throw themselves at the water as they fly behind the falls. Protected from man and beast.
The waterfall Rengsfallet, the fish, the dippers and man coexist happily here and form the basis for our experiences.

The roar of the rapids drowns out your thoughts

The rapids of Toskströmmen

Toskströmmen has 2km of superb nature experiences to offer. The paths along both sides of the rapids are actually designed for anglers, however, they are just as suitable for those who want to walk and enjoy the magnificent, dramatic, ever-changing scenery. There is a sense of peace to be gained from something as simple as sitting in the shelter of a wind break and making coffee. The roar of the rapids can even drown out your thoughts and you become spellbound by the rushing waters.

As a visitor in our area please help us take care of our environment

Garbage bags can be bought at Fahlström Bygg, Valsjöbyn, Handlarn, Rötviken and Magnussons Fjällanläggningar, Bakvattnet. There are also dustbins where you can leave your garbage bag.

Recycling containers for paper, newspapers, plastic, metal and glass are placed close to Fahlströms Bygg, Valsjöbyn and next to Handlarn, Rötviken.

The Right of Public Access – This is allowed

The Right of Public Access gives everybody the freedom to roam the Swedish countryside. But there are some things you must keep in mind when you are out walking, camping, climbing, picking flowers or doing something else in the countryside.

Here you can read more about the Right of Public Access