Mountain cows, goats and the scent of meadow flowers

A journey into the past

To experience a living mountain pasture with all that involves – cows, goats, whey cheese and beautiful old houses – is probably one of the most enjoyable trips back in time possible for adults and children alike. Welcome to an exciting journey into Jämtland heritage.

Myhrbodarna – welcome to a small, well preserved cultural treasure

On the way to Vinklumpen you will find Myhrbodarna, a small, well-preserved cultural treasure from bygone days. Here you can see everything that was needed on a mountain farm: mountain cows, goats, beautiful old buildings, tools and equipment for making butter and whey cheese the traditional way. On a clear day the view from here is magnificent.

Food over open fire at some of our outdoor barbecue places and wind shelters

Rest areas with barbecue places and wind shelters are found at many lakes, tarns and rivers. You can make your coffee and grill your hot dog over open fire.

Delicacies from nature right in your hand

Nature is generous in our area. Fill your basket or bucket of chantarells, cloudberrys raspberrys, lingonberrys or blueberries.

What can create greater satisfaction in life than a day with ”forest bath” and berry picking. To go home and make your own jam, is quality of life at its best.

One can hear the waves

A quiet day on the lake is health for the soul. In our area, water is always near by and in many of our lakes you can rent a boat for a fishing trip or just for a relaxing break.

As a visitor in our area please help us take care of our environment

Garbage bags can be bought at Fahlström Bygg, Valsjöbyn, Handlarn, Rötviken and Magnussons Fjällanläggningar, Bakvattnet. There are also dustbins where you can leave your garbage bag.

Recycling containers for paper, newspapers, plastic, metal and glass are placed close to Fahlströms Bygg, Valsjöbyn and next to Handlarn, Rötviken.

The Right of Public Access – This is allowed

The Right of Public Access gives everybody the freedom to roam the Swedish countryside. But there are some things you must keep in mind when you are out walking, camping, climbing, picking flowers or doing something else in the countryside.

Here you can read more about the Right of Public Access