Welcome to Hotagsbygden and natural luxury!

Authentic open-air experiences

Whether you are looking for easily accessible untamed, beautiful mountain scenery or want to sit and listen to the silence, you have come to the right place!

Many people with a taste for nature, outdoor pursuits and tranquillity make their way to Hotagsbygden in Jämtland. Hunting, fishing, skiing, snow mobile excursions or perhaps just peaceful walks in the woods await our visitors. You will find the unusual and the unexploited waiting just outside your door.

Life today can feel hectic and stressful, but here you will find the time and space to stop and think. This is a real luxury in today’s world and it is a luxury available in our district.

In the nature around our district, in the mountains and in the nearby forests you will find untamed, unspoilt countryside full of berries and mushrooms with lots of elks, reindeer, beavers, bears, capercaillies and of course the superb fishing waters for which the area is already well-known, as well as fresh air and crystal clear waters. There are several waterfalls in the area and if you listen carefully – especially in the spring months – you can hear the sound of them from several hundred metres away.

Those of us living in the Hotagen district would like to show those of you considering a visit the many different ways a stay here can be an unforgettable experience.