The hunting season – for many the best time of the year

The largest elks in Europe

Majestic elks walking through the countryside and capercaillie cocks roosting in trees are common sights in our district. The Hotagen area is known for the numbers of elk stags. We have the largest elks Europe and can prove it! The area also has plentiful hares, bears and beavers.

This is the companies and hunting teams that welcome guests to hunt:

Exclusive Adventure, + 46 705707556

Hotagen Naturcenter – Pro Hunting AB, +46 64023090

Myhrbodarna, Valsjöbyn, + 46 645-32018, +46 706849930

Rörvattnets Fjällhotell, +46 703316515

Valsjöbyns Jakt & Fiskecamp, +46 64532084, +46 703981323

Valsjöbyns Jaktlag, Tord Olofsson, Bränna Getgård, Valsjöbyn, +46 645320 54

If you want to go hunting independently then you can find more information from the website for the Jämtland Country administration board