Fishing, hunting, hiking, foaming waterfalls and much more awaits the visitor.

Wilderness is waiting outside the door.

Every season offers a lot to do in the area. In the winter, both the scooter and the skier will find their golden grains among slopes and trails. In the spring, the sunlovers enjoy the ”Fifth Season” and in June the powers of nature explode, with flowering orchids and hatching of important insects for the fish in our fishing waters. During the summer there are fishing, boating, canoeing and hiking, and the fall is the season for hunting and picking berries and mushrooms.

Tourists for more than 100 years

Sport fishing has old history in the area

Already at the end of the 19th century, English nobles were seen swinging their Splitcane Flyrods in the rivers of Toskströmmen and Rengströmmen. Early mountain hikers discovered the many nearby and fishy mountain tarns, and during the first decades of the twentieth century, single, well-traveled fishing tourists sought out the area.

One of them was the American newspaper reporter William H. Stoneman, foreign correspondent at Chicago Daily News, a man who had seen the whole world, yet found his special favorite spot in Valsjöbyn. Mister Stoneman had three pronounced wishes when he left his correspondent residence in Paris to go on vacation:

”I want to be able to fish, I want to live without bumping into a lot of people and I do not want to be robbed.” – Desires that can still be fulfilled in the area of Hotagsbygden.