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We are in the middle of Sweden
Plane, train, car – you decide

Fiskevägen, the idyllic Fishing Road (highway 340), between Krokom in Sweden and Namsos in Norway, takes you through a sea of forests.

It is easy to become tired of all the bends and the distances. However, the journey can be filled with interesting experiences if you so choose and if you allow yourself to travel at a relaxed pace so you don’t need to feel stressed in the traffic. The road takes you through rich forests. You travel deep into the sea of forests that enfolds you in peace and security. Capercaillie hens peck at the gravel along the side of the road, ravens are out looking for the food left by cars, while elks wander across the roads...

The district of Hotagen begins 90 km or approx 90 minutes journey time northwest of Östersund, in the middle of Sweden.

Östersund is easy to reach by air. It takes just 1 hour from Stockholm, while the train journey from Stockholm is 6 hours.

The journey from Gothenburg takes 2 ½ hours by air and 10 hours by train.
The journey from Malmö takes 2 ½ hours by air and 15 hours by train.

Car hire is available at both the airport and railway station. Our taxi firms are happy to collect you from either the airport or railway station in Östersund. One bus per day Mondays to Fridays operates a return service between Valsjöbyn and Östersund (Sundays service to Östersund only).